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1-hour Loans in Australia: What Are They?

Whenever you need to improve your financial situation quickly and with a minimum hassle, 1-hour loans are the simplest solution. Basically, they are emergency cash loans provided by micro-financing companies for a short term on mutually beneficial conditions. Lenders use a so-called fast credit check. To compensate for higher risks, they set higher credit rates. The main benefit of 1-hour cash loans is a possibility of getting cash directly on the card, without the need for leaving home, and within a short time. The procedure is fast, convenient, and very simple. What is most important, these loans can be ordered online, which means you don’t have to visit the company’s office or a bank. Still, clients of micro-lending companies often have a lot of questions regarding the terms and conditions, interest rates, extra options, such as loan extension, and so on. Read on to find the most detailed information about one-hour payday loans and ways to get them.

What Is the Mechanism of Working of 1-hour Loans?

As the name implies, 1-hour loans are the loans that can be obtained within 60 minutes or faster. Of course, now we are speaking about online loans that are available to all adult citizens of Australia with almost no exceptions. Normally, 1-hour cash loans are referred to as payday, short-term or cash advance loans. Irrespective of how you call them, their mechanism is very simple.

  • You find a reliable lender that provides fast  loans on beneficial terms or compare the terms and conditions of several lenders and choose the one that meets your needs best.
  • You fill a simple online form with basic information. Usually, you need to specify a desired credit size and term. Also, you’ll be requested to enter some personal information.
  • You wait for a decision, which, in the majority of cases, is positive. Commonly, your application is checked within 5-10 minutes.
  • Once your one-hour loan is approved, you need to read the terms and conditions and agree with them. Also, you need to confirm your intention to take a loan.

As you see, the whole process, in fact, takes less than an hour. Probably, the most time-consuming step is filling the application form, as you need to double-check everything. After your application is accepted, you don’t need to do anything else – just wait for crediting money on your credit or debit card. It usually happens within 24 hours; sometimes – within 48 hours. Make sure you entered the number of a valid card when filling in the application form.

What is the Minimum and Maximum One Hour Payday Loan Size?

Like other types of short-term loans, 60-minute loans serve the purpose of filling the hole in the budget as quickly as possible. Commonly, people apply for such loans in emergency situations. However, no fast loans are intended for resolving major financial problems, such as buying real estate property or starting a new business. Therefore, these loans are relatively small.

The minimum and maximum size of 1-hour payday loans varies from one company to another.. Usually, the amount of money you can obtain instantly and with no credit check is $100-$2001. However, there are companies that are ready to lend you from $300 to $5000. This information is available on the lender’s official website, so you can check it before making an application.

If you need a larger sum, you should consider alternative options. For example, if you are not pressed for time severely, you may try to apply for an installment loan. It usually takes some longer, but the terms of installment loans are more beneficial and the limits are higher.

Is It Safe to Use One-Hour Loans?

When it comes to finances, safety is a matter of primary importance. Logically enough, many people are concerned about their safety when they have to enter personal and financial data in online forms on the lenders’ websites. However, experts believe there is nothing to worry about, at least, until you use the services of certified lending companies. They always use a multi-layered encryption to protect their clients’ data, and the applications are sent via a special secure channel. The probability of data leakage, in this case, is close to zero.

Another point of concern of many lenders is a potential problem of various hidden fees and unclear terms of a loan agreement. The solution is to read the loan agreement every time before taking a loan. If anything seems to be unclear or non-evident, don’t hesitate – contact the support service and ask questions. The companies that have nothing to hide from their customers always readily provide answers.

Most safety issues can be avoided if you choose the right lending company. Don’t be lazy to read expert and user reviews, study various rankings, and make your choice wisely. Reliable companies care about their reputation, which means they care about their clients’ safety.

Where to Get a One-Hour Loan?

Commonly, 60-minute loans can be obtained both online and offline. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. Thus, if you don’t want to or can’t visit a lender’s office or live in a remote town/village, then getting cash loans in 60 minutes online is the only acceptable option for you. The procedure is very simple and doesn’t require any special skills. Just search for “cash loans in 60 minutes in… (your state or city)”, monitor the available offers and choose the one that meets your needs best. After that, visit the lender’s website and submit an application, following the instruction.

Are 60-Minute Loans Expensive?

Just take it: all fast loans are expensive. The maximum cost of emergency payday loans is regulated by the state; namely, by the Uniform Consumer Credit Code (UCCC). The cost of same-day payday loans in the USA, Australia or the UK is, of course, different too. If we speak about Australia, the most common scheme is as follows:

  • If the loan amount is less than $2001, the fee cap is 24% (20% is an establishment fee and 4% is a monthly fee). Thus, the maximum charge for a $300 loan is $72.
  • For the loans from $2001 to $5000, the maximum establishment fee should not exceed $400. The maximum interest rate per annum is 48%.

As you see, all fast cash loans are more expensive than conventional bank loans. They are good as an emergency solution. But to cover long-term financial needs, you’d better opt for the types of loans with lower interest rates.

What Should I Do to Apply for a One-Hour Loan in Australia?

To apply for a cash loan in 1-hour in Australia one first needs to make sure he or she meets general requirements to borrowers. They include the following ones:

  • age of 18 or older;
  • Australian citizenship or an official and valid immigration status;
  • a regular source of income that can be checked. Mind that benefit must not exceed 50% of your total income.
  • a bank statement for the past three months;
  • a valid bank account in one of the Australian banks with an option of direct fund depositing/withdrawal.

As you see, the list of mandatory requirements is pretty short. Roughly speaking, if you are an adult Australian with a stable income and have a usual bank account, then you will obtain a cash loan in 1-hour without much hassle. Among other things, keep in mind that you will have to provide some papers that allow to identify you. Commonly, they are the following:

  • any document that can be used for photo identification: an ID card, a passport, a driver’s license, or even a vote ID will do;
  • any document that can be used for address identification: utility bills or, alternatively, a house registration certificate.
  • a valid bank account statement.

If you are eligible for getting loans in 60 minutes and have all the necessary papers, all you need to find a suitable lending company and submit an application online, simply following the instructions on a monitor. Double-check the information you enter, as even a single mistake can end up in a failure.

Advantages and Disadvantages of One-Hour Loans in Australia

Sometimes, the possibility of taking an emergency payday loan is a real godsend. That being said, loans of this type are far from being a perfect financial tool. Before making your mind up to taking a payday loan, weigh up its advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the main arguments for cash in one-hour payday loans.

  1. These loans are fast. Actually, you can make an application and get an approval for less than one hour.
  2. They are very easy to get. There are minimum requirements to borrows, and most adult people comply with them.
  3. They are convenient, as you don’t need to visit a bank office. Instead, you can apply online, using your PC or smartphone.
  4. By using payday loans 1-hour and repaying them on time, you can improve your credit score, which means you’ll become eligible for some more attractive credit products offered by banks.

At the same time, there are some negative aspects associated with short-term loans.

  1. Payday and one-hour fast loans are expensive because of their sky-high interest rates.
  2. The fines for overdue payments are very high.
  3. They are provided for a short term only.
  4. They are relatively small. You can’t get a large sum of money in the framework of a 60-minute loan.

Also, you need to keep in mind that, according to Australian laws, you can’t get more than one payday loan simultaneously. You must completely repay the current loan before you can apply for the next one.

User Reviews

“Normally, I don’t use payday loans. But 2 weeks ago I broke my car (nothing serious but I couldn’t continue using it without doing some repair work). I applied for $500 here and got an approval in 15 minutes! On the next day, the funds were credited on my card. Today is my pay day, and I repaid 100% of the loan.”

“I often take mini-loans here and improve my credit score gradually by doing so. Many people complain about high interest rates, but when you pay on time, the losses are not so significant.”


Frequently Asked Questions



You can apply for a loan and get an approval within 60 minutes and even less. However, you don’t actually get the money immediately. Instead, the funds are sent to your bank as soon as you accept the loan agreement. This money transfer is processed within one business day, after which they are credited directly on your account.


Yes, sure, at least, until you use the services of reliable certified lenders. Your personal data is reliably protected, and all the transactions are encrypted with several layers of top-notch encryption methods.


You must be at least 18 years old to qualify for a payday loan in Australia.


If you are a valid student of one of the Australian state universities, and you are at least 18 years old, you are eligible for payday loans. Moreover, you don’t need to have a stable source of income, but if you have one, it enhances your chance of getting an approval.



The Bottom Line


A one-hour loan can become your salvation in a difficult situation. However, you need to be clear-eyed about your real financial possibilities whenever you are thinking about taking a fast loan. Keep in mind that this is an emergency tool, which is not intended for a regular use.